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  Proteon Pharmaceuticals appoints Dr. Sachin Ingewar as Regional Sales Director, India       Subcontinent and South East Asia region.


 Mumbai, February XX, 2022:  In line with its expansion plans, Proteon Pharmaceuticals India,   a subsidiary of Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. Poland, today announced the appointment of   Dr. Sachin Ingewar as Regional Sales Director for Indian subcontinent and South-East Asia   Region. Dr. Ingewar will drive Proteon’s growth strategies across the regions to support the   poultry industry in achieving safe and sustainable production.


 Proteon Pharmaceuticals focuses on precision biology for microbiome protection to improve   animal and human health, increasing environmental sustainability and eliminating the   unnecessary use of antibiotics.


  As a poultry nutritionist with over 20 years of comprehensive experience in sales and   marketing, Dr. Sachin has been highly successful in spearheading business in the industry   through sustained revenue growth, specifically in the South Asian markets.


 Having a strong technical knowledge and expertise in strategic planning and execution   together with account management focused on precise pre and post sales efforts, Dr. Sachin   has been known for improving organisational performance and unlocking new business   opportunities through strategic alliances with key decision makers. He is a visionary who   drives revenues and rapid growth profitability with focus on building a strong corporate   culture. Dr. Sachin has completed his Masters in Animal Nutrition with Poultry Major.


 Elaborating on his new role at Proteon Pharmaceuticals, Dr.Sachin Ingewar said, “This   leadership role at Proteon is to develop our business in bacteriophages in the ISC and SEA   and strengthen the presence of Proteon in the region. Our aim is to help poultry, aqua and the   ruminant industry to achieve safe and sustainable production. We aim to build awareness   about a need to reduce the usage of antibiotics in animal production. All in all, we are here to   stay: #CareForAll - environment, humans and animals wellbeing.”


 Commenting on Dr. Sachin’s joining, Dr. Paolo Doncecchi, Global Sales Director   ProteonPharmaceuticals, said, “While I wish my warmest welcome to Dr. Sachin Ingewar as   the ISC and South East Asia Regional Sales Director, I am excited about this critical addition   to our ISC Proteon organization. Dr. Sachin will bring market knowledge, business acumen   and empathic approach to people. Together, we will bring Proteon to new heights by serving   customer needs.”


  About Proteon Pharmaceuticals


  Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. is a global leader in bacteriophage (phage) technology for   livestock farming and aquaculture. Proteon’s mission is to eliminate the need for unnecessary   antibiotic use, reducing the risk of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), as well as to increase the   sustainability of protein production through reduction of waste and improvement of on-farm   efficiency. Proteon’s products function by modulating the microbiome enabling prophylactic   health. Proteon has patented a precision phage product development platform using   genomics  technologies, molecular biology, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence (AI) to   create effective, reliable and safe antibacterial solutions for animal and human health.


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